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Zaheer Associates is an Architectural Consultancy and Interior Designing Firm .We are a team of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers who are committed to give the best service and the best value of money to our clients. Our Projects are known for their innovative designs, comfort and user-friendliness. The main attraction of our buildings is its Aesthetic Appeal. Our Team is devoted to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients.



Town planning is a system that evaluates the use and development of land for a new town or to renovate an old space. This is done through calculated planning and favorable utilization of the space, along with designs of roadways, water, transport, sewerage systems, energy, housing, industrial use and conservation.In wider terms, Town planning can be divided into two parts; land use management and strategic planning. Strategic planning is an extensive term plan of what will be happen in the coming years ahead. It is useful for future expansion of whole new towns and for developing or redesigning existing towns. Land use management is applied to evaluate each part of land including zoning, building restrictions, sewerage, water systems etc.Urban Planners are skilled people who are employed by communities to maintain the quality of life. They ensure that the land is used to maximize effectiveness with practicality and aesthetics.Town Planners have to make sure that the designs take general weather conditions such as extreme weather, heat or snow into consideration.Town planning has been applied since early times. The Romans used a map that had central plaza enclosed by a grid-like plan of streets along with the diagonal streets across the inner square for improved travelling. They usually make this plan with a river flowing for sewerage. Alike everything else, Town planning has developed over the years but there are certain basics that are applied even today.When purchasing a significant property, it is important that all the right boxes are ticked to guarantee success. Developing effective strategies and assessing the development capacity of land requires an expert planning consultant. Eventually the aim is to secure the most effectual commercial return. Any deviation from the correct management and procedure of the project could lead to failure.Historical environment are also becoming important in the planning applications. The project requires good management, experience and the conformity of statutory requirements to achieve success in the long run. Expertise of archaeological accreditation not only offers the knowledge to proceed, but also provide confidence in the entire application procedure.


The end product of our design services varies greatly from client to client, but each project starts with one common element. Architecture begins with a great idea, philosophy, or unifying force from which the design will develop.We are trained to view design problems with a critical eye, filtered with experiences and influences from many sources. Drawings, models, and specifications are merely the instruments used to transfer our ideas into reality. We are hired to consider design issues from every angle, develop the best solution within the parameters of the project, and follow-through to completion of construction.
Because the design and construction industries are constantly changing, we work at all stages of the construction process with clients, from the early planning and programming until the project is completed by the contractor. Since each project is unique, we tailor our services to the client's timeframes, budget, and desired level of completion.Architectural design phases define the progress of a project. The phases are universally used by architects to describe the process of designing structures.


Our Goal is to provide designs that elevate the spirit and create value for our clients and the community. We are problem solvers, and most importantly, skilled listeners. We strive to incorporate the best in energy- and money-saving techniques and materials into our projects.

Chairman Message

Zaheer Associates is Architectural Consultancy and Interior Design firm in Lahore. Zaheer Associates was founded by Architect Zaheer Ahmed in 1990. It has been built up as a Dynamic Architectural firm over the past 21 years. Lahore is one of the fastest growing cities in Pakistan, and presents great opportunities for this firm. We have our office in Lahore city so that we can leverage our expertise & experience to grow with the city.
Since its inception, our company has successfully designed more than 400 projects, including Bungalows, Residential Housing schemes, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, School Buildings, Hotels, Ice factories and cold storage plants.
We have more than 21 years of experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design.   We exist to make a contribution to the society and to bring happiness to people. Our aim is to use our imagination and creativity to help people realize their dream home.  ZAHEER ASSOCIATES is known for its innovative designs and user-friendliness of projects. 
Our Values
Service to customers above all else
Continuous self-improvement
Honesty, Integrity and Ethics in all aspects of business
We now aim to move abroad with our experience to serve people at international level and we also intent to gain new development and experience for betterment of people.
I assure everyone the best of the expectation as we welcome the views and positive changes for the betterment accordance with best possibilities.
                                                                            ZAHEER AHMAD


We are living in a world of paper: we receive important information on paper, and share confidential information on paper: creating documents, letters and many sensitive issues. Therefore it's important to be sure that our confidentiality and privacy are protected, and that waste paper is disposed of. 
In the past people used ways of destroying paper like burning and tearing, etc. Nowadays with huge volumes of paper all these methods are useless and we need something really powerful and reliable.
Zaheer Associates accounting and Personnel departments produce highly sensitive information that is extremely useful to competitors. The following documents are always important for us:
Financial reports
Marketing reports
Sales reports
Budget information
Salary information
Personal data
Internal correspondence
Testing and surveyor the projects
Ultimately QA is about improving a company's profitability, but the way that overall goal is accomplished is by planning, developing and testing the software at various stages to prevent bugs and the costs associated with repairing them. 
Implementing and closely following good QA standards helps Zaheer Associates to avoid problems before they even arise in the first place.